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House Erika is in the coastal village of Porozina, 25km from Cres town.
Porozina is a small port town in Croatia, located on the northwest coast of Cres. It is connected by ferry to Brestova on the Istria mainland.
The old town is situated upon a hillock above the port, and in the last two decades, a new holiday neighborhood has been built.
In the Classical era, there was a lighthouse on the hillock above the port, that is how the town got its name.
On this site today we find ruins of an old Franciscan monastery of Saint Nicholas and an old Gothic church, dating to the 15th century. The monastery was used by Franciscan Glagolitic monks of the third order, who managed to preserve Old Church Slavonic as a liturgy language even up to the 13th century. The monastery edifice was abandoned in 1843 when it was also partly demolished. Its ruins manifest characteristics of the renaissance architecture.

The island of Cres has the richest vegetation in the Adriatic, also Cres has its very own fresh water lake, which is very highly guarded and illegal to swim and fish in. It supplies water to neighboring Losinj as well. It is one of the deepest freshwater lakes in Eastern Europe, going down 76 meters at its deepest point (>50 m below sea-level).


The house is situated near the road and behind the house, there is the forest full of wild animals, like rabbits, deer, and boars, they are approaching the wire fence and there you could see them. Cres is also one of the last habitats of rare birds – the griffon vulture.
Erika has 2 levels.
There are three rooms (one double bedroom, one single and one with the french bed). There are also two bathrooms, well-equipped kitchen, and a living room. There is air conditioning (cool and heat). Wi-fi flat internet, TV, DVD and radio. Terrace with the cistern and open grill.
The house has a fireplace and built-in floor heating, so that is the possibility to stay there through whole year round, even winter. Here there are 3 parking places. The ferry landing is about 250m far from the house and there are also two cafe bars and restaurant (now renovating) there. The beach is about 200m far from the house.
For evening fun there is a town Cres, with numerous restaurants, and bars around the harbor. In Cres, you can find also the gas station, physician and a drugstore.

Apartments House Erika, Porozina, the island of Cres in Croatia. Vacation and holidays in Croatia, clean Adriatic sea, and beautiful nature. We present to you; House Erika Porozina Cres.

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